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My Top London Olympic Moments

August 21, 2012

It’s been a week since London Olympics 2012 ended and I kinda miss it but also feel glad to be back to my routine. The two weeks was entertaining, motivating, fulfilling and tad bit busy as well trying to figure out where to see the videos of the many events that NBC did not show. But I am always happy and proud to see all the sportsmen and women who practice hard, perform their best, and make their respective countries proud.

I wanted to recap some of the awesome moments that filled me with joy, tears, fun, and laughter.

Swimming: I have to start with the legend, Michael Phelps. He ended his Olympic Career with 18 gold medals, two silvers and two bronze, a grand total of 22. What an amazing feat! He just went on to prove that he is not just a legend but a phenom. Why do I get a feeling that we will see him again in 4 years. Or, will he become the next Tiger Woods?

Michael Phelps

Gymnastics: 16 year old Gabby Douglas won not only a Gold Medal for all-around gymnastics competition but she also got a title of “flying squirrel” because of her high-flying performance on the uneven bars. She made history as the first African-American and third straight American to win this highest prize.

Gabby Douglas

Rhythmic Gymnastics: I cannot believe people here were criticizing this event along with Synchronized Swimming. I look forward to this event in the Olympics. When you can have figure skating in Winter Olympics, why not this? To me, it provides a graceful break from the hard core games. I love the mix of elegance and precision that these sportswomen display. How can you not like this Gold Medal Ribbon routine event performed by Russia’s defending champion and now a 2-time gold medal winner,  Yevgenia Kanayeva

London 2012 Olympics - Yevgenia Kanayeva

Women’s Soccer: US avenged the loss to Japan in the 2011 World Cup. Both the semi-finals game against Canada and the finals were a treat to watch. Well played girls!

London 2012 Olympics - US Women's Soccer team

Men’s Soccer: I never in the wildest dreams thought that Mexico would win a Gold. I was rooting for Spain and they did not even qualify into the quarterfinal matches. I was also hoping for a Europe vs. South America face-off but that too didn’t happen. But Brazil losing to Mexico….wow. Mexico should be proud of what they achieved here.

London Olympics 2012 - Mexico

Men’s Basketball: The US team with LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Koby Bryant defended their Olympic champion status and I have to say, Spain gave one hell of a challenge.  I loved to see some great camaraderie between the NBA players and Chris Paul even commented, ““I hate that in a couple of months, these guys are gonna be my enemies.” Love the image of the whole team dancing after their gold medal win –

London Olympics 2012 US Basketball team

Boxing: I want to talk about our very own Indian boxer Mary Kom who is known as the Magnificent Mary. She is a five-time World Boxing Champion in flyweight category. Some of the challenges she faced were lack of sponsorship for Indian female boxers in India, lack of support from her parents and yet she persevered and practiced in secret and is our own legend. She has an American coach but unfortunately he could not be there for her in the Olympics because he did not have an International Boxing Association’s 3-star certification required for Olympics. Despite having no coach and with no support from the crowd either, she went on to win a bronze medal and best part is she apologizes to the country for failing on gold medal. No, Mary, we are just as proud and just as happy with the Bronze.

London 2012 Olympics - Mary Kom

Track & Field: This is my favorite Olympics event.  Some of my favorites heroes were –

Oscar Pistorius – He may be a double-amputee but he is a four-time Para-Olympic gold-medal winner. Finally, he got a chance this year to participate in London Olympics. Although he could only reach until 400-meter semifinal, he is truly an inspiration. Kirani James of Grenada who won the Semifinals second heat asked Pistorius to exchange running bibs at the finishing area, which was quite touching –

London Olympics 2012 - Oscar Pistorius

Mo Farah – Rightfully said, he is Britain’s crown jewel. When I saw him run the 10,000m, I was at the gym on the treadmill. He was somewhere way back along with US’s very own Rupp. The way this guy slowly made it into the front and outrunning everyone towards the end made me run faster on the treadmill. I guess, we should have such videos in the gym so that we can push ourselves harder. Mo demonstrates patience, perseverance and great strategy in distance running.

London 2012 Olympics - Mo Farah

Usain Bolt – I started with a legend and I will end with another, my ultimate hero. I was so happy that he won all 3 of his events. He is not only a self-proclaimed legend but he really is one too. Looking forward to seeing him play in the Twenty20 cricket competition along with Yohan Blake.

2012 London Olympics - Usain Bolt

Hope you enjoyed the blog, images and don’t forget to click on some of the links to see the videos.

P.S. – I forgot to add – I think McKayla will not be impressed with this blog 🙂 I love her and it’s sad that her image went viral but she is such a sport.

London 2012 Olympics - McKayla


Debonair Sports!

October 18, 2009

Football! There might be many of you who are into football and watching the NFL 2009. Being born in India and having seen soccer, American Football is new to me and so far I have not been able to develop an interest to watch and understand this game.

It’s not that I don’t love sports, I do. But I am more into what I call the “debonair” sports. These games basically do not have displays of raw brute force or fights. Hmm, okay, these do have a lot of heated verbal exchange from name-calling to dropping an F-bomb to even a racial slur. Even better, ah?

So, how can these games be debonair?

Very simple, these are games that have a lot of style in not just players making style statements (that too, a lot!) but even in the way the games are played. Debonair is defined as “having a sophisticated charm”. From the way these players stand, to the way they bat, serve or even catch a ball or the way they jump, run or swim is a visual treat. A bonus treat is that these games have good-looking players, both men and women.

Okay, I am simply referring to games like tennis, cricket and those that I catch during Olympics like gymnastics, swimming, track and field etc. The beauty of the serves and the returns in tennis – does anyone remember Goran Ivanisevic’s beautiful aces or Pete Sampras’s returns? And, who can forget the style statements of Andre Agassi with his long hair-do and colorful outfits and need I say more about all the Russian women tennis players? As far as I can remember, this idolizing of beauty in tennis started with Gabriella Sabatini, ring a bell? Andre AgassiGabriella Sabatini

Coming to cricket, wow, where do I begin? The shots from Sunil Gavaskar, Steve Waugh, Sachin Tendulkar etc are stunningly stylish. The bowlers too, have a way to impress the viewers. My favorites are Kapil Dev, Brett Lee and Anil Kumble. Who are yours?

Brett Lee

Moving on to other sophisticated sports (as I like to call it), can we ever have enough of America’s swimming sensation, Michael Phelps? When I heard a commentator describe his body, I was dumbfounded. I was like, is that an automobile or is it a human being that you are talking about, such sophisticated details, wow! Phelps is supposed to be like a fish having paddles (his arms) and flippers (his 14 inch feet). His short legs act as a hydrofoil enhancing his speed while swimming. Nice!

The only exception to this taste of mine (debonair sports) is Soccer and Basketball. I used to love playing basketball at school and now I never miss watching the NBA playoffs. As for Soccer, even though this game has quite a few brawls, pushes and some head butts every now and then, I simply love it. I mainly watch the World Cup for the main reason as Olympics because I enjoy the competitiveness and camaraderie between the countries that come together to play. I feel exhilarated to see my birth country and my adopted country win gold medals and championship titles. But I must admit that it’s disappointing to see my birth country (India) losing more games than win because of unhealthy politics that surround the players and the games. Oops! No, No, No, I am not going to talk about that ‘coz if I do, it’s going to be the longest blog ever. I will leave it to someone else to pick up from here.

Before I bid adieu, I have to share this awesome video of Usain Bolt. Cheers!