About KaffeineRush

Hi friends,

My name is Anjana. I was born and raised in India but I now live in the US. Being part of two beautiful countries, I am always striving to blend into both these cultures and be up to date. India is changing so rapidly that it just becomes harder to avoid getting into a time warp and there is still so much to learn about my new adopted country, US. God help me!  The best way I thought was to start a blog and share my views with my friends, family and all those who like to read and in turn read other blogs and make my learning a two-way process.

One of my posts, “Trip with my parents”, is dedicated to my parents especially my father who loved Las Vegas. Some of the content in this post is his own interpretation of our trip.

Hope you like it!



4 Responses to “About KaffeineRush”

  1. Sujatha Says:

    Hi Anjana,
    I ve been through ur blog, I liked the way u have presented especially ur trip with ur parents n ur travel experience. Keep blogging 🙂

  2. Anurita Says:

    Hey Anjana,

    Have always loved your power with words. All your blogs are interesting and well thought out. Especially loved the one on ‘Facebook’ and ‘Grass is greener on the other side’ and…guess I’ll end up including all of them!!

    Happy blogging!

  3. p.veeraiah Says:

    Hi anjana, I have gone through what u had presented in ur blog. Its nice to see all that.bye!

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